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Stop & Smell the Roses: How Sensory Perception Can Help You Reach Your Max Potential

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Stop and smell the roses in Monet's Garden

*UPDATED 09/04/2013:  “Stop and smell the roses” is a figure of speech that has stood the test of time –who has ever really taken it literally? What does it even mean? From a success standpoint it could mean the difference between realizing your potential, seizing opportunity, or a complete concession to the “rat race.” The “rat race” is a personal development term for falling in the same pattern of the daily grind. For example you wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, then do it all over again, and again, and again, without getting any fulfillment from it.

From my experiences, sensory perception and how you view the world around you is very helpful in reaching for success. It could be as simple as taking the time to carefully soak in the world around you as you walk around town, or noticing a subtle non-verbal hints that your love interest gives you to let you know he/she wants to move further in the relationship. Having the innate self- and sensory-awareness is pivotal to reaching your max potential.

“When you are at the peak of your awareness, you have a heightened sense of being; this sense of place that can easily be overlooked during your daily life. It is very easy to move through life going through the same routines and rhythms, day in and day out.” – Tyrell Jenkins

And YEAH, I just quoted myself. 🙂 But seriously when you actually open your eyes, your physical and sub-conscious ones, you actually take the time to see things in a different light. The world around you is so extraordinary and so are the people who you share the world with. Take the time to stop and pay attention to things you wouldn’t normally pay attention to. Discover new things about your neighborhood that you didn’t know before. Say hello to that one weird guy you pass on the way in to work – you never know, it may make his day.

Take the time to think about the purpose you serve and how you can make a difference. Evaluate your strengths and weakness, maximize those strengths and try to improve upon the weaknesses. Take the time, to stop, look, listen, think, and to “smell those roses.” It will open new doors to a new world that once before seemed so common and you will be opening yourself up to new opportunities that were once not visible.


*This article was originally posted on thesuccesstore.org.



  1. I believe you stopped and smelled the roses when you created this site! Great work TJ! Keep it up! I’m proud of your work my friend!

    • TJ says:

      Thanks man, means a lot. I just got a gig to set one up for a Marines Veteran who needs help with funding for his nonprofit. Talk about #payitforward!

      • So now you are stepping into the basics of Web Development, which is great! It’s another skill that you can add to your list once you become more proficient and you don’t need to pay a guy like me to do it for you. Great job bro! I’m glad that I could not only add value to your professional network but also to your already outstanding skill set.

  2. Ok, awesome! Will do bro!

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